Phonak Titanium - 2023 Best Invisible Hearing Aid

Phonak has developed a reputation over the last 10 years for being able to make really small completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids and their new Virto B titanium has gone a step further. Now made out of titanium, the Virto B is 30% smaller, allowing for a true Invisble in the canal hearing aid (IIC).

After a lot of experimenting with clients that prefer this discreet style we have found that Phonak is much better than the conpetition at producing smaller custom hearing aids and now go staright to Phonak for IIC customers.

Our only misgiving is the power output - there is simple not enough volume for the more severe hearng losses forcing us to choose, most typically, the Signia Nx CIC or sometimes Oticon's OPN IIC. The Nx has excellent sound quality but will usually be a larger looking aid than what Phonak can produce.


The new Virto B-Titanium is the smallest Phonak custom hearing aid. It’s made from the high-tech material - titanium  - which makes it incredibly strong, light and durable.

Phonak Virto B Sunshine Coast Clinic

Titanium is renowned for its strength and durability

Being 15 times stronger than acrylic, it makes it possible to build a shell as thin as 0.2 mm, which is 50% thinner than the existing shells of custom hearing aids. With a significantly thinner shell and 60% smaller electronic components, Phonak has been able to reduce the size of Virto B-Titanium by up to 26% compared to its predecessor. This has resulted in the smallest Phonak custom hearing aid ever!

Fully automatic

The Virto B titanium comes in two performance levels, the Virto B90 (premium) and the Virto B70 (advanced) with both models featuring AutoSense OS™.  This allows them to adapt simply to every sound environment automatically for excellent hearing performance everywhere. There is no need to manually adjust the hearing aids.

If you wold like to discuss Invisble hearing aid options with us or arrange a free take home trial call our Maroochydore clnic ion 07 5443 2850.