Free Independent Second Opinion?

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Are you looking to upgrade your current hearing aids or have been recommended to get your first set of hearing aids? Don't end up hearing like some hearing aid users do...with their fingers stuck in their ears!

At Sunshine Coast Hearing we recognise that not all hearing aids sound the same.

In fact, the truth is there are large differences between both brands and models in terms of sound quality, reliability, ease of use, ability to hear in difficult situations and much more.

With over 80% of clinics owned by hearing aid manufacturers and limited brand ENT groups how can you be sure you are being recommended the best hearing aid for you as an individual?

The other major variable is the clinician who fits and programs the device. Hearing aids are now very complex and a hearing aid can have as many as 3000 different settings. It's a very real truth that your hearing aid can sound and behave very differently depending on who programs it.

At Sunshine Coast Hearing, our clinical team of Edan and Matthew Cowley have over 30 years of combined experience fitting all the major hearing aids brands.


We are also 100% independent and recommend only what we genuinely feel is the best solution for each individual.

So, whether you are looking at your first set of hearing aids or upgrading your existing ones it's important to make sure you have the best options available to you. As such we would like to offer you a free independent second opinion!

Our comprehensive "independent second opinion" appointments last for 1.5 hours and take in to account the type of hearing loss you have, your ability to hear speech in background noise, what you don't like about your existing hearing aids, what modern features you would like on your new hearing aids and of course your budget.

We offer all clients a Take Home - One Week Trial with absolutely no obligation. 

Phone 07 5443 2850 for bookings or call in to our clinic conveniently located at 42 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore (Directly Opposite Rashays).

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