Bernafon Hearing Aids - new Zerena!

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Swiss company Bernafon has it's south east Asian headquarters and manufacturing based in Brisbane - great for our Sunshine Coast clients who require fast, reliable support.

Bernafon's range of hearing aids includes the brand new Zerena  - offering premium level technology designed to meet your needs and preferences in the most challenging listening situations. The Zerena has State-of-the-art dynamic features include DECS (Dynamic Environmnet Control System) improving speech understanding significantly, especially in background noise. It comes in three technology levels the Zerena 9, 7 and 5.

It is a great choice for active people looking for the maximum benefits of today's hearing system technology.


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Zerena miniRITE

The miniRITE is a small, stylish, modern receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid, suitable for mild to profound hearing losses. It is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid and supports Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) at 2.4 GHz which allows for direct-to-ear streaming.

Ergonomic Fit and Great Sound

The miniFit speaker is designed to fit perfectly in the human ear canal. Together with a great choice of soft earpieces, it guarantees a high degree of wearing comfort. Comfort is also provided in terms of sound quality. The powerful speakers deliver excellence in natural sound and speech understanding.

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Get connected

The Zerena  is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid and allows for direct communication and control with an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod®touch. A range of wireless accessories are also available to enhance the use of your hearing aid and enable you to hear and communicate better in everyday situations. Wirelessly connect to a remote control, TV, and more.

Smart and Discreet

Bernafon EasyControl-A app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices offers an intuitive and discreet way to control your hearing aid. Turn the volume up and down, view battery level, or connect to other wireless devices. With the EasyControl-A app, hearing aid handling has never been easier.

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Bernafon Zerena™ is now rechargeable!

Simple overnight charging now provides a full battery charge with plenty of power for the next day.

There's no need to keep track of batteries or even open the battery drawer. With Zerena you can now save the time, money and environmental impact of buying hundreds of batteries every year.

  • Reassuring — Simply sit the hearing aids in a charger at night and wake up to full-power hearing aids each morning
  • Convenient — No need to replace batteries every few days, no need to open the battery drawer
  • Efficient — Save the time, money and environmental impact of buying hundreds of batteries per year
  • Hybrid power — Enjoy the flexibility of using ordinary batteries anytime — forgetting to charge is no problem
  • Upgradeable — All new and existing Zerena minirite instruments can be upgraded with the rechargeable solution

Bernafon rechargeable sunshine coast

Bernafon's range also includes the Saphira 5 is an impressive mid range instrument with clear, natural sound quality, good noise reduction technology and specific programs designed for cinema or music listening. A popular choice if your looking for a solid mid range hearing aid.

Our Audiologist Matthew Cowley is very experienced with Bernafon hearing aids having fitted over 2000 of them to local Sunshine Coast residents! If you would like to trial a set of Bernafon hearing aids, or would simply like a quotation call our Maroochydore clinic on (07) 5443 2850.

We are conveniently located at 42 Aerodrome MAROOCHYDORE (Opposite Sizzler).