When Should I Upgrade?

At Sunshine Coast Hearing we are often asked "when should I upgrade my hearing aids?"

Reasons to upgrade include:

  • Improved hearing aid technology that will result in a significant improvement in your hearing ability and thus an improvement in your life satisfaction.
  • Ease of use - Take advantage of the new rechargeable technology making hearing aid batteries redundant.
  • Improved physical design - The new Signia AX sits in the ear a lot better due to it's shape mimicking the ear canal. It is also significantly thinner behind the ear making it more comfortable especially when wearing glasses.

If you have either the Signia Nx, Oticon OPN or Phonak Marvel/Belong (or older models), you should see a significant improvement in your hearing abilities and we would encourage an upgrade if it’s affordable for you. We always offer you a FREE demo for at least a week so you can hear the difference yourself.

Exisiting Clients Successfully Upgraded this Year!

We recently sent out a newsletter to our existing clients and had an excellent outcome with 100% of the more than 20 clients, successfully upgrading.

Due to this success we have extended the offer to demo the new Signia AX range. Just call the clinic on 5443 2850 to arrange a time suitable for you.