FREE Lifetime Maintenance Package!

At Sunshine Coast Hearing we recognise that maintaining hearing aids is vital to their long term success.

Humidity, dust, sweat, wax, skin and oils can easily reduce hearing aid performance. In fact over the past 20 plus years we've noted that 90% of hearing aid repairs are caused by these factors.

Regular cleaning, servicing and fine tuning is essential.

Many manufacturer owned hearing aid clinics will add on maintenance plans for up to $500.00 per hearing aid or limit them to 3-5 years. Many online retailers simply gloss over the importance of in house servicing.

At Sunshine Coast Hearing your hearing aids will be maintained for FREE for LIFE.

Peace of Mind with our FREE Lifetime Hearing Aid Maintenance Plan.

hearing aid cleaning

As part of our ongoing service to you, Sunshine Coast Hearing offers an Exclusive Free Lifetime Hearing Aid Maintenance Plan. We want to make sure your hearing aids continue to provide you with the best possible hearing – hence all  privately funded clients fitted with hearing aids receive: 

  • For the life of the hearing aid: FREE full clean and in house service by our experienced team anytime, no appointment needed  – includes changing the battery, cleaning the microphones and battery contacts, replacing the wax filters and replacing the domes.
  • For the life of the hearing aid: FREE in clinic upgrading of mobile phone APPS and pairing of bluetooth devices with our experienced staff. Includes demonatration of APP features and bluetooth device usage.
  • For the life of the hearing aid: FREE current model loan hearing aids – if your hearing aid needs to be repaired at the manufacturer.
  • For the life of the hearing aid: 50% discount off hearing aid batteries.
  • For the life of the hearing aid: 20% discount off all accessories – receivers, filters, domes and wax removal drops.
  • For the lfe of the hearing aid: Loyalty discount - 5% discount off new hearing aids if purchased within 5 years.
  • Standard 3 Year Manufacturer product Warranty* (as per manufacturer's warranty).
  • Standard 1 year Loss and Damage Manufacturer Insurance* ($500 excess applies per aid)

What does Lifetime mean?

Exactly what it says. We will offer you the above services for as long as your hearing aid "lives". Whether it's 1 year old or 20 years old, and you have purchased the aid from us - the above will apply.


hering aid cleaning